Hello world!

DSC_5155What a beautiful day! Such sunshine! Such beautiful birdsong!
My garden, it blooms in my yard and in my mind.
I’ve been contemplating the world. I’ve been contemplating the chaos and the random paths down which I am led. I am contemplating the apathy. I’ve been wondering if we are killing ourselves with medicine. So many live that maybe should die.
I am feeling a walking jones. I want to travel again.
I feel sadness for the deaths I see and have seen.
I feel helpless….often.
I see beauty and banality, stress and extravagance.
I see money worship.
I see lost souls. I see frustration and frivolity.
I see the pressure building and building.
I miss those I’ve loved. I miss those I’ve lost.
I breathe, therefore I am.
I am watching the seconds.
I think about my friends.
I hope they are happy and healthy and wealthy, too,
or at least with enough to do what they do.

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